Travel conditions

In traffic, the customer's regulations are applied as follows:

One (1) pram per vehicle and tour may be carried by the traveler. This is announced when booking a trip. This also applies to travelers with wheelchairs.

One (1) bicycle per vehicle and tour may be carried by the traveler. This is announced when booking a trip and for a fee of SEK 40 (4 euros).

Car cushion for children

Two car cushions for children per vehicle and turn are provided by the carrier. This is announced when booking a trip.

Traveling with animals
Fur animals such as dogs and cats travel for free with a paying traveler.

· It is allowed to bring a maximum of 2 fur animals / traveler.

· All animals must be kept tethered or stored in the intended bag / cage and travel on the floor.
Smaller animals can be kept on their knees but must not be placed on a seat.

· A passenger with a fur animal must go on board through the middle door, where there is one. Exceptions for guide dogs that are usually trained to enter through the front door.

· The fur animal may only stay in the rear or upper part of the vehicle to make it easier for people who are allergic. Everyone is allowed to travel by public transport, so it can never be completely allergy-safe.

· Guide dogs and signal dogs travel with the passenger at any place in the vehicle.

· Anyone who travels with animals is responsible for their safety, and risks being rejected or denied boarding if the fur animal is judged to be disturbing to another traveler or staff.

A hand luggage and / or a suitcase, a pair of skis / snowboards in a case, may be carried by the traveler free of charge. Luggage / luggage is taken at the traveler's own responsibility and must be well marked with name, address and telephone.

Luggage may be carried in the vehicle's passenger compartment only to the size, weight and extent permitted by the vehicle's luggage racks. Otherwise, luggage while traveling must be stored in the vehicle's luggage compartment. For safety reasons, the aisle of the vehicle must be kept free of luggage and other goods.

Kick-bikes that are foldable and stored in a bag / case may be taken into the bus, subject to availability free of charge. Otherwise, it must be defended in the bus' cargo space.

We do not allow the use of e-cigarettes on board our vehicles. The e-cigarettes give off a scent that can be troublesome for sensitive people and can easily be confused with a regular cigarette.

Alcoholic beverages
Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be consumed on board. For the sake of fellow travelers, however, it is not allowed to bring fried / grilled food, or food that can drip on seats or other furnishings.

Spikes / Nail shoes
We do not allow the use of spikes / nail shoes on board our vehicles: